Bio & Mission


Christina Monaco Caldwell - CCYoga

Create your best life. Live bright. Share light. 

Christina, the founder of CCYoga, a virtual yoga studio and online community that specializes in your wellness journey and cultivates your best life.  Christina is a spirited workout enthusiast and yogi.   A former dancer and current theatre director, Christina is a 500 hour certified instructor.  Whether she’s dangling in downward dog or configuring unexpected core sequences, Christina always encourages her students to explore outside of their comfort zones.  She is a coach for yoga teacher training and currently teaches power yoga, vinyasa flow, restorative and yoga sculpt virtually, in studio and in pop-up locations around the world on yoga retreats.   When Christina is not practicing yoga or teaching, you can find her spreading positive vibes, connecting with humans, journaling, surfing, and traveling. 

Practicing with Christina is all about jiving with your soul, honoring your contentment, and speaking your inner truth. Her practice encourages a mind-meets-body, yet playful approach to yoga.  For Christina, yoga promotes testing your own strength so you can accept and love your most authentic self. 

Christina started CCYoga with the purpose to inspire everyone and anyone to create their best life.